WANT TO BUY: clawfoot Bathtub (cell) 936.219-8782

WANT TO BUY: decent `87-'90 Chevy Camaro Iroc w/5.7L motor (cell) 936.225-2829 or csprott51@gmail.com

WANT TO BUY: Dehydrator, gas Stove & Quaker Parrot 936.554-2752

WANT TO BUY: 10-week or younger Blue Tick Hound Pup (cell) 936.465-3324

WANT TO BUY: good used 2-car Carport (cell) 936.240-9765

WANT TO BUY: good full-size Mattress (cell) 936.229-5861

WANT TO BUY: restorable `55 Chevy Belair or other car 409.384-8061

WANT TO BUY: Mobility Scooter or elec Wheelchair (cell) 936.255-5922

WANT TO BUY: double-knit Fabric, good push Lawnmower & fresh Squash 936.637-3099

WANT TO BUY: 5' or 6' Disc (3-pt) 936.632-2449 or geolin@consolidated.net

WANT TO BUY: good running Polaris Ranger or comparable Utility Vehicle (cell) 936.271-4140

WANT TO BUY: male Rottweiler Pup (cell) 936.212-0999

WANT TO BUY: Parts for `69 Chevy Chevelle in Lufkin area (cell) 936.676-4623

I'M LOOKING FOR: 1 acre to buy in Zavalla area (cell) 936.404-7201

WANT TO BUY: running `00-up Truck for up to $1,500. 409.383-4520

I'M LOOKING FOR: 2-BR house to buy outside Lufkin N. Loop 936.639-4096

WANT TO BUY: Colt Diamondback .22 LR Revolver (cell) 936.332-1454

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