FOR RENT in Huntington: 1-BR efficiency apt w/appliances $550./mo + $400. dep (cell) 936.230-5005

FOR RENT in Lufkin: 1-BR upstairs apt w/stove, refrigerator - all utilities paid $550./mo + $200. dep 936.632-7019

I'M LOOKING FOR: 2- or 3-BR house with yard for dog in Lufkin area to rent or rent-to-own for up to $800./mo (call/text) 936.208-6174

APT FOR RENT in Lufkin: 2-BR 1-bath apt w/CH&A, mini blinds, ceiling fans - we pay water/sewer/garbage, yuou pay electricity $575./mo + $300. dep (cell) 936.714-6218

M/H FOR RENT in Hudson: private extra nice 2-BR 1-bath w/CH&A, kitchen appliances - no gov’t programs, no pets $600./mo + $400. dep (cell) 936.465-2488

ALL BILLS PAID: North Lufkin Christian Home for disabled men & women has openings. Private & semi-private rooms $375.-$475./mo. Call Ann 936.229-2791 or home manager, Mary 936.404-4495

FOR SALE OR LEASE in Lufkin: 1,300 sq’ 3-BR 2-bath brick house w/2-car carport with storage, deck, fenced backyard $125,500. or lease, no pets, no smoking $1,000./mo + $1,000. dep 936.632-5344 or 936.635-5745

1-BR M/H FOR RENT $450./mo + $200. dep 936.634-3049 or 936.634-1018

LOT FOR RENT in Crockett for m/h or RV 936.635-2520

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