M/H FOR SALE to be moved: 12x60 2-BR w/new curtains, steel roof, porch, steps $4,500. 936.639-1631

M/H FOR SALE to be moved: `99 Clayton 28x55 3-BR 2-bath w/LR, large master BR, CH&A, fireplace, laundry room, appliances, vaulted ceilings/fans, double-pane windows $35,000., no owner finance (cell) 936.675-3532

M/H FOR SALE to be moved: `70 18x80 3-BR 2-bath w/new kitchen - needs carpet $10,000. 936.222-6672

M/H FOR SALE in Huntington area: 3-BR 2-bath w/large add-on, screened rear porch, double garage, fenced yard on 2 lots at 236 Elm Branch, ½-mile from Hanks Creek ramp $40,000. For appt (cell) 936.404-4914 or (cell) 936.208-6062

FREE M/H to be moved: 3-BR 2-bath 936.225-2109 or (cell) 936.676-3653

M/H FOR SALE to be moved: Lamplighter 76' 2-BR, well cared for $4,500. (cell) 936.615-1012

M/H FOR SALE to be moved: `10 34x54 4-BR 2-bath w/open floor plan, 3-ton AC, stove, DW, walk-in closet, his/hers sinks - lived in 1 year, paid $53,000., want $33,000. (in Magnolia Springs) (cell) 936.404-2784

M/H FOR SALE to be moved: 14x80 3-BR 2-bath w/axles & wheels $7,900. (cell) 936.645-9314

M/H FOR SALE in Nacogdoches: 2-BR 1½-bath w/double garage, home slab on 1¼ acre $32,000./offer, no owner finance 936.559-5081

M/H FOR SALE just outside of Jasper: 3-BR 2-bath home w/2 cypress storage sheds, 10x10' treehouse + doublewide m/h set-up, peach/plum trees, beautiful view on 1½ acres near Lake Rayburn $30,000. (cell) 409.489-2353

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