Ready to go now ... Call for price & pictures (cell) 832.656-7728

FREE: 7-week Toyger & bobtail Kittens (litter trained) (in Huntington) 936.229-5353 after 5:30pm

FREE: beautiful female German Shepherd Pup 936.225-2829

Friendly 2-year female ENGLISH BULL TERRIER (like Target dog) ... Never bred, not spayed, no registration $800., no shipping (text/call) 936.250-2465

FREE: 10-weel tiny gray Kittens (in Lufkin) 936.219-3837

FREE: 7-week Lab-mix Pups (in Lufkin) 936.240-6738

Friendly 2-year female German Shepherd/Cur-mix Dog (not good with other animals) & friendly 7-mo German Shepherd-mix Pup $50. each (cell) 936.208-5186

FREE: two 18-mo & two 5-year male & spayed Siberian Husky Dogs (in Lufkin) (cell) 936.240-6870

FREE: 3-mo blonde Malamute-mix Pup (in Kirbyville) 409.423-4769 or 409.423-9296

FREE: gentle beautiful 6-mo male Mt. Cur Pup (squirrel dog stock) 936.635-5943

FREE: 6-week male & female Blue Gotti Pit Bull-mix Pups (in Lufkin area) (cell) 936.240-8308

FREE: beautiful female German Shepherd Pup 936.225-2829

12-week Blue Heeler Pup $200./offer 936.899-1884

Playful 4-mo 38-lb Great Rottweiler/Pit Bull/Lab/Husky-mix Pup, needs large yard $75. (cell) 936.674-9255

Craftsman ½" Torque Wrench $75. • gas & elec Space Heaters $10.-$120. • med & 2 large Pet Porter dog Boxes $30.-$50. • Dove Hunting Decoys w/equip $100./all • Ruger MK II SS .22 PPC Varmint Rifle w/Leupold 24x scope, reload dies, supplies, ammo $1,500. (in Lufkin) 936.635-6275

Full-blood 6-week German Shepherd Pups $175. each (text/call) 936.207-3468

6-week bobtail Kittens $50. each • free: 6-week Kittens (text/call) 936.899-2779

FREE: Mama Cat & Kittens (in Lufkin) (cell) 936.465-4016

FREE: adorable Kittens (litter trained) (text) 936.707-6520

1-year male red/white Pit Bull Dog $200. (in Timpson) (text/call) 936.585-9006

Gentle 7-mo German Shepherd-mix Pup & 2-year female German Shepherd/Cur-mix outside Dog $25. each (text) 936.208-2957

4-year Chiweenie-mix Dog • two 7-week Chiweenie Pups (in Lufkin) 936.229-9843

I'M LOOKING FOR: male Border Collie to breed to my full-blood female red tri Border Collie dog 936.445-7477